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  • ISBN-13: 9781545641347

Ira Bilis is back !

Set 20 months after the tumultuous events of "The Devil's Dragon", however it is not essential to read book one first.

Join Nelson Jones on a journey of horrifying discovery as an expedition to uncover the mystery behind the sungates leads to a terrible secret. This time, the humans and the Aesini are fighting for their very lives as Nelson's nemesis, Ira Bilis, finds a terrifying ally in her quest to restore the New Era to its former glory.

Nelson and his friends must now race against the clock to defeat this new threat - a power beyond imagination !

Jason F Boggs continues the journey into a fascinating universe full of memorable characters, where what it means to be human and the line that separates right from wrong is explored on an epic scale.

The Dragon's Harvest ~ official reviews:

The below are excerpts.  For the full reviews, please visit the websites listed.


"The storyline is intense! The author did an exceptional job of developing the characters so that nothing about them is black or white. The settings are unique and vividly described in this well-built world".

5 Star - An Epic Sci Fi adventure  P. Lovitt, Reviewer for

"A rip-roaring romp of a book... kept giving me this excellent blockbuster atmosphere throughout".

5 Star - K.C Finn for

"We devoured page after intense ride from start to finish"

5 Star - Author's Circle

"The Dragon’s Harvest is complete with moral dilemmas, space battles, savage dialogue and extraordinary characters that will expand your definition of strange. The creative descriptions throughout the book reveal a deep love of language, and Boggs does a great job capturing the essence of different species and worlds. Dark and wildly imaginative, The Dragon’s Harvest is not your typical work of science fiction".   John Staughton for

Self Publishing Review (



"A book clearly written with care, love and joy for a genre, The Dragon's Harvest is a readable space romp that I hugely enjoyed...its a fun read that's worth your time".

4 Star - Luke Marlowe for

"The author does very well to create strong characters with different personalities, motivations, fears, and flaws. This helped me fall in love with several major characters...I would recommend this book to lovers of sci-fi and fantasy novels. Fans of action stories will also have a blast with this book"

3 out of 4 Stars - prospero360 for 

Unrated editorials ~ 

"There is a lot going on in this book, including epic space battles, civil unrest, and alien romance. Fortunately, Boggs manages all of it skillfully. Science fiction readers who enjoy stories reminiscent of Flash Gordon's adventures, yet tired of the usual tropes, will find much to like here".

Mark Heisey for

The US Review of Books (

The Devil's Dragon reviews: (For 3rd edition ~ 2019)

The climax is good and leaves scope for a sequel which should be the case in such an exciting thriller. I rate this with an overall 5 bright stars!  Deepak Menon for                

I liked that the The Devil's Dragon is fast-paced and at every turn, action scenes appear. It is a page turner and a treat for any lover of science-fiction. I rate it 4/4.

4/4 Stars.   EmunalAn, reviewer for

...I feel like I am remembering this epic saga as if I had seen a fantastic movie, rather than read the story.

5 Stars.​  Paige Lovitt for

Disclaimer: No dragons were harmed in the making of The Dragon Trilogy.

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