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A left-handed introvert, Jason's real life outside the Dragon-verse is working in hotels and absorbing all things with an interesting story.  After completing two degrees, he has spent over 30 years in the hotel industry where he experiences peoples' true natures - both good and bad, fertile ground for these stories.

Jason currently lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with his wife SueEllen who patiently endures his imagination and their two cats, who do not.

Photo taken the night "The Devil's Dragon" was finished,  June 2016.

(I was so excited that night - I thought I could die happy then & there).

Photo taken the night "The Dragon's Harvest" was finished, June 2018.

(I just couldn't believe that this story was actually in me, still can't - this was a difficult period in my life and writing helped me so much. You'll get through yours too with imagination, patience and hope).

Photo taken the night "The Dragon's Zenith" was finished. June 2020

(This one is closest to my heart. Now, when I think of this story, I get pretty emotional. It was this night that I realised for the first time that I had a special trilogy to share with you).






Photo taken the night "The Dragon Trilogy ~ animated series" pilot episode was finished. June 2021

(I'm so grateful for having an imagination and I am working hard to turn these dreams into reality for you guys - thankyou).

Nurture the inner child that you still have and trust in it, for it knows the joy of what could be.


Never give up.