June 2021. Two big developments - 1. We have a producer for the Dragon Trilogy animated series. Yes, its true -  I will be writing the pilot episode. Stay tuned here for more details!  2. The Dragon Trilogy has been shortlisted by a major publisher; we'll all know if it gets picked up in the coming months. 2021 is massive for The Dragon Trilogy !

29th June 2020 - Cover for TDZ is done, as is the editing. Scheduled for a Christmas 2020 release. I'm hoping that its the defining space opera for a generation because I think that I treated the sub-genre with a serious approach and a reverence for what came before.

8th June 2020 - I have finished writing the last book in the trilogy. It is called "The Dragon's Zenith" (TDZ) and it is due Christmas 2020 in bookshops and online both in paperback and ebook format. The best has been saved for last.

7th June 2020 - The screenplay for "The Dragon's Harvest" (TDH) has been written by acclaimed author Jaden Braniff and will be pitched

to Major Hollywood production companies Q4 2020 to make a major motion picture.

28th July 2019. In recent months, I revisited my 1st book, "The Devil's Dragon" (TDD) & have re-edited it, with a bit of tweaking along the way. The result is a 4/4 stars review on online & 5/5 stars on readerviews & 5 Star on readersfavourite. The 3rd "director's cut" edition of TDD will be out in October 2019.

18th Feb 2019 - TDD REDUX !  I was never completely satisfied with "The Devil's Dragon", so, I have rewritten & edited it & It is now the product that I always wanted to present -  an equal competitor to TDH and "commercially viable". The "Director's cut" of TDD will be out August 2019 ! 

6th December 2018 - The Dragon's Harvest is out NOW in general release paperback and ebook format. I do hope that you enjoy it.

18th November 2018 - I am happy to report that as of today I have begun some concept work on "The Dragon's Zenith". The jaw-dropping conclusion to the Dragon Trilogy.  

14th September 2018 - "The Dragon's Harvest" has won the Pinnacle book award - summer 2018 in the sub-genre of Space Opera.

14th July 2018 - The Dragon's Harvest has been edited and is in the pre-published stage. Expect October/November release. Stay tuned. 

9th May 2018 - I've finished the 1st draft of The Dragon's Harvest, the Sequel to 2017's The Devil's Dragon - Its a killer story folks & will be out THIS YEAR !

15th September 2017 - The Devil's Dragon will be entered into the 2017 Frankfurt International Book Fair. The World's largest book show. The book will be featured at the combined book exhibit in the USA pavilion. 11 - 15 October 2017.

23rd May 2017 - The Devil's Dragon will be featured at the BEA (Book Expo New York City) at the "New Title Showcase" May 31 - June 3 2017. Hope you can come and enjoy it's world fair debut

15th May 2017 -  The second edition of The Devil's Dragon - now available in paperback, e-book to follow July. 


Primarily to entertain with iconoclastic space opera of course !  But to extrapolate:

As I trudge across this causal plane I yield to the inevitable, that remnants can only exist in the absence of something that was once much more -  TDD was originally even more grandiose, hence the amendment to a trilogy.
The walls that keep me here are only paper and courage hands me a pen, with it I stab, but instead of tearing, writing appears, characters and a story that explores my latent misanthropy. 

When reality is unbearable, we can only escape by any means, like rats instinctively jumping a burning ship, one fate offering no better outcome than the other, but we delay the inevitability of our own destruction by delusion. What fiction do we invent? The notion of hope, that we are somehow redeemable. Even I have played along with this; Happy endings do happen in life, but rarely. But, these are the "inspiring" and "powerful" stories that the media machine feeds us as it feels good to have faith in a positive outcome against the odds; does the psychology of art influence life? Only for a couple of hours in a movie theater, then we revert back to our ways because we know that to lead a virtuous existence is unrealistic in 2020. But is it? Nelson makes that choice and pays for being treated like garbage and getting beat up;

But will he ultimately prevail? So many stories unashamedly lie to us by lacing dreams with morality, so that we may fantasize about what could be instead of dwelling on what is, and shirk the morose truth - the death of hope. 

Choices. Like Nelson's, Our choices define us everyday, not just the big ones.

At least a novel that bears one's soul is honest, it is from a place unrestrained and untainted by the manure that we are fed via all kinds of screens. That's kind of why I do it, but also to experience the kind of story that I would queue up to see as a movie (provided that the soundtrack is kick-ass); so, pure self indulgence is definitely a part of it. Book two in particular is intentionally "OTT" for that reason, its all me just letting go and not holding back on the movie that I always wanted to see. I'm hoping that you'll love it too !

I don't have a favorite overall as I love all three parts of the whole. Which one did you like the best? 

24th January 2017 - The Devil's Dragon is now officially out. I do hope that you enjoy it. Love, Jason.

12th January 2017 - You can now purchase The Devil's Dragon, click on the "Buy the book" Tab on the home page.

How it all began
Back in 1999.
I first imagined two of these characters in my youth 20 years ago,  
I was out in Sydney one night for dinner and drinks with a close friend of mine, Michael. After several beers I lamented the fact that, at least in Sci-Fi movies and Television, the aliens are usually portrayed as the bad guys and I said to my mate that I should write a book one day where the aliens are more or less like us, that is, a mix of good and bad but that the good on both sides must decide what to do (simple bar talk that ended up written on a paper coaster including the scrawled name "Ira Bilis"). He loved it and encouraged me to do it but I didn't give it another serious thought for years, however, it was never too far from my fantasies. I originally called it "The Valley Deep" and the first version was a short story that I wrote in 2004 about Nelson Jones, a good man caught up in an evil regime; Which is how some of us relate to work and school.  I know the horrible pain of being bullied by a baddie, so too does Nelson. I put that poor fellow through a lot, but I have drawn on my own experiences.

2014 - Begin

Free will?

O.K, so what happens to Nelson?
In 2014 I decided to write my first draft, Ira Bilis was only a minor character then, Jessie was going to play a much bigger role and Alene was originally going to be a high priestess. Dozens of amendments later throughout 2015 and '16, I finally put the pieces in place. Nelson is a young man with choices in a world where good seems bad and evil is celebrated; he makes mistakes along the way because he mainly follows his heart. The story which you have today is hopefully one that rest on your mind long after the final page is turned, which is kind of what I was going for. Whilst it is contemporary, this is not a conventional Science Fiction work, it trespasses into social commentary and philosophy, which is a risk, but I've got nothing to lose but time.  So, I figure "what the hell", I'm not holding back. My unrestrained approach to the 2nd book, TDH, is just that attitude, for better or worse.   

What's next?

So, what's the moral to the story?


There's more than one. But one that is pivotal is something that lies within all of us, both in the Great Tribe and on Earth. On ResenNadija asks Nelson "What's in you"? It's a question that I think we should ask ourselves often, the person that you are today (not yesterday or tomorrow) is an accumulative result of the choices that you make, right or wrong and ultimately, Nelson is confronted with what's truly within him. 


The Dragon's Zenith - End game!

The final book of the trilogy will reveal the secret behind the enigmatic eternal complex and the mysterious sungates. It will focus on three favorite characters, Nelson , Alene and of course, Ira Bilis. Don't worry, Nadija & Horx will be there too. I will explore love and what it means throughout the galaxy.

The jaw-dropping climactic conclusion to the Dragon Trilogy will be out in late 2019, or in 2020.